Let this remind you,
why you once feared the dark

I am Prince Nuada of clan Bethmoora.
Son of the Earth.
And you will show me the respect I deserve.

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Luke Goss as Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

Luke Goss as Prince Nuada in Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)




Legolas caught catting.
Thranduil would be disappointed.

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porn alert….I do believe the gloves are being pulled off in the first frame..and the second frame needs no explanation..ughghghgh

Hellboy II: Golden Army | Prince Nuada “Silverlance”

self imposed prison | Adam & Nuada


Adam nearly chuckled, taking a seat in a rickety old chair that someone had left outside for him. So the elf wasn’t as horrible as he’d been made out to be, at least from what he’d seen so far. In fact, he seemed civil enough. Nothing that he would have a problem with, as far as he could tell.


"He wasn’t particularly fond of much. Think that’s why they sent him there. Though you sound like you knew more about him than I did."

Nuada was well aware of the reputation he had amongst those of the Bureau, violent perhaps even cruel and for all the labels and the cautions their beliefs were not without reason. He had no interest in being kind, but he also deserved to serve penance for what he had driven his sister to.

    “He stood guard for five months. You see someone every day for that long, you learn something.” The Prince confided, pulling himself away from thoughts of Nuala. “So tell me Mr Lerner, have you heard word from Hellboy?”

Nuada & Thranduil